The extraction of the mining mass in Rosia Poieni Quarry is realized as follows:

  • in steps of 15m high
  • number of stairs: 24
  • width of stair: 12m
  • The final altitude at the quarry’s heart: 760 MASL, the present altitude of the quarry’s heart: 850m.
  • depth of quarry: 360m
  • blasting methods using derrick holes are applied

The extracted mining mass is loaded using electrical EKG excavators (4,3m3, 5m3 and 8m3), frontal Caterpillar chargers, having buckets of 12,5m3, DAC 110t and 91t KOMAKTSU and Caterpillar dump trucks, as follows:

  • the colliery spoil (overburden) is sent to Cuibaru and Geamana heaps
  • The ore is carried to the KKD 1500/180 crusher cone, and after the crushing, the broken ore is sent to the preparation plant in Dealul Piciorului on a relay of transporting bands, with the total length of 2440m and width of 1,4m.

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