Stock exchange, April 20th, 2018

The contract with Merlion resources has a profit of 10 million dollars compared to the previous one.

The realization of a plant to process copper ore would be justified for Cupru Min, says the interim managing director, Gheorghe Chindris. He mentions that, in order to have profit, a plant needs 100.000tons/year of copper concentrate. He explains: “Cupru Min can produce just a half of this quantity. Then, there is also the matter of funding this major industrial element, which can get to half billion dollars.”

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PRO TV, April 15th , 2018

I love you, Romania!

“In Rosia Poieni, in the Apuseni mountains, there is 60% of Romania’s natural exploitable copper supply. After many years of functioning in damage share and going through a series of failed privatizations, Cupru Min, the company which exploits the deposit, managed to recover and to maintain itself on the market.

Gheorghe Chindris, director of Cupru Min Abrud: “We had the chance that, our colleagues, the people in Apuseni mountains, have been stubborn, even if they went through a rough time and the prices dropped, they worked month after moth without a salary. They guarded the machineries so that nobody could sell them. (fragment taken fron the show I love you, Romania! – PRO TV – 15.04.2018)

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