CUPRU MIN S.A. Abrud is a society that wants to harness the copper ore deposit in Rosia Poieni and its main concern is to provide the Romanian economy with enough copper. The company is the largest in Romania which exploits copper, with the following coordinates:

  • Registration number in Trade Register: J01/64/15.02.99;
  • Fiscal Code: 11551757
  • Share capital: 24.040,5 thousand Lei
  • Shareholding: 100% public

The documents that sustain Cupru Min are: HG808/1998, AGA Decision of CN CAF MINVEST Deva 25/20.03.2002 – outsourcing and transformation in an independent commercial society, the special mandate from the Minister of Industry and Resources 129/10.04.2002 and Law 31/1990 of the commercial societies.

The company was founded on 1st April 2002, when it detached from Minvest Deva National Company and when it took over the asset and the liability of Avram Iancu S.A. Abrud Branch. Therefore, Cupru Min became the successor of the Mining Plant of Copper Rosia Poieni, founded on 1st May 1977, based on 130/21.05.1977 Decree. The plant, headquartered in Abrud, Alba county, is subordinated to Deva Ore Plant and is coordinated and controlled by the Minister of Mines, Petrol and Geology.

Based on HG 1287/1990 The Mining Plant of Copper Rosia Poieni is renamed Mining Exploitation Rosia Poieni Abrud, but is subordinated to the Independent Administration of Copper Deva. The latest releases, in 1992, the Decision 26/25.11.1992 in which Mining Exploitation Rosia Poieni becomes the Mining Brach Abrud.

Based on HG/13.11.1998, Independent Administration of Copper Deva reorganizes under the name of National Company CN CAF MINVEST Deva. This one subordinates branches with juridical personality and the Mining Branch Abrud is part of Avram Iancu S.A. Branch Abrud. On 16th August 2001, the 2nd Decision of the Avram Iancu Branch abolishes the subsidiary and integrates it as a branch, named S.C. Avram Iancu S.A. Abrud.

The Extraordinary Decision 25/20.03.2002 of the Shareholders’ General Convention of CN CAF MINVEST Deva decides the outsourcing of the Avram Iancu Branch and its transformation into an independent commercial society, named Cupru Min S.A. Abrud. Since April, 1st 2002, Cupru Min has taken over the assets and liabilities of Avram Iancu Branch, through the takeover protocol 3368/11.07.2002.

Throughout these transformations, the society kept its object of activity, the headquarters, the assets and liabilities. The company is currently working under the direct authority of The Minister of Economy, having the same object of activity as it had when it was founded.