The preparation plant in Dealul Piciorului

At the preparation plant there are two lines of grinding-flotation, each one having an annual processing capacity of 2 000 000t.

The main technological phases of the current preparation process are:

  • crushing the extracted ore from 0 ˜ 1.200 mm, to 0 ˜ 300 mm in the KKD -1500/180 crusher cone;
  • transporting the crushed ore to the preparation plant’s storehouse using a relay of bands with the length of 2.440 mm, having a “Stoker” discharge installation at its end;
  • wet grinding of the ore in two steps (semi-autogenous mill – Φ  8.500 x 3.800 mm – and ball mill – Φ 5.200 x 8.000 mm) and distributing it in hydro cyclone batteries of Φ 500 mm at 75 ˜ 80% class -0,074 mm;
  • selective flotation of copper ore in two modern lines of preparation, equipped with flotation cells of 17m3 followed by two-three new re-flotation procedures of the initial concentrate. The first two re-flotation procedures are made in pneumo-mechanic cells of 5,7m3, and the third one can be made in pneumo-mechanic cells of 2,8m3 (if it is still needed when it comes to the quality of the copper concentrate that has been obtained, or a percentage of 18 ÷ 20 % Cu). Flotation reagents are: chalk, collecting reagents (xanthates and dithiophosphates), and sparkling reagents;
  • Thickening of the concentrate in mechanical thickeners with peripheral operation of Φ 25 m to get to densities of de 1900 ÷ 2.300 g/l;
  • Draining of the thickened concentrate is made through filtration using a PF – 25 A1H60 (LAROX) filter press with a filtration surface of 25,2m2 ;
  • Storage of the filtered concentrate is made on an open platform in order to be sent to beneficiaries.
  • Thickening of colliery spoil is made in thickeners with a diameter of Φ 80 m and a dilution of 2,25:1 liquid/solid. The water is sent again in the technological wave of the preparation plant.
  • Hydraulic gravitational transport of the thickened colliery spoil through steel pipes and PEHD, with a total length of 7,66km to Valea Sesei decantation pond.
  • Decantation and storage of the colliery spoil in Valea Sesei decantation pond, or, in case of damage, in Valea Stefancei 2.

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