Environmental protection

One of the greatest responsibilities a company that works in a mining area has, is the protection of the environment. The Environment Management system contains the following elements:

  • The treatment of the water gathered in Aries so that they get to normal parameters through modern methods;
  • The development of the employees and the increase of the level of awareness regarding the environment protection;
  • The neutralization of acid water through chalk dosage, in the preparation plant;
  • The intake of the tailings dumps’ water to assure the stability of the dumps.
  • The stability and the permanent evacuation of tailings dumps’ water.


The surveillance of the quality of Valea Sisei pond’s evacuated water.

River Aries is the receiver of the evacuated water from Cupru Min, through its two tributaries: Stefance’s Valley and Sesei Valley.

The maximum acceptable values of quality indicators to evacuate the pond’s limpidity, have to fit the limits regarding the quality conditions of evacuated water according to water management authorization nr. 190/02.11.2017.

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