Copper concentrate

Cupru Min S.A. Abrud sells copper concentrate. The selling is made by auction according to the announcements that are published when an auction is organized.

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Contact details

Ștefan Lorint – Commercial service
+4 0737 37 39 15

About us

Cupru Min S.A. Abrud was founded in 2002, when it detached from Minvest Deva National Company, which was the successor of Mining Plant of Copper Rosia Poieni, founded in 1977.

This society is subordinated to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Environment and holds the right to exploit 60% of Romania’s natural deposits of copper.

Cupru Min S.A. Abrud is the only Romanian producer whose main concern is the extraction of copper ore and the capitalization of the copper concentrate and of precious metals.

The company is the largest in Romania which exploits copper, with the following coordinates:

  • Registration number in Trade Register: J01/64/15.02.99;
  • Fiscal Code: 11551757
  • Share capital: 24.040,5 thousand Lei
  • Shareholding: 100% public

The deposit exploitation is made in quarry, step by step, descendant with the height of the step – 15m, through drilling, using drilling machines – Φ250mm, shooting explosives, loading excavators, frontal chargers on tyres and dump truck transportation.

In 2018, the company recorded a copper concentrate production of 39.017,119 tons.

On 31st December 2018, Cupru Min S.A Abrud had 572 employees.

The administrative part of the deposit is located in Lupsa, Alba county.

This has the form of a vertical object, being 1.200m high and its horizontal section is elliptical, having dimensions of 600m and 800m. The useful part of this deposit is formed of copper minerals, having over 1 billion tons of ore, containing 0.36% Cu and 1.8% S.